Thanksgiving: The Holiday Message; In my journey through adulthood, I’ve observed that children exhibit unparalleled excitement and gratitude, especially during holidays. Every gift or gesture, whether as simple as a “holiday breakfast” or the joy of spending time with siblings, lights up their faces with pure joy. 

The sheer delight and enthusiasm they show, especially when receiving gifts from their parents, resonate with the wisdom found in Matthew 18:2-5: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

As we approach Christmas and the end of another year, we should be grateful for the gift of Jesus and the blessings we’ve received. The holiday season isn’t just about festivities, but also an opportunity to reflect on the goodness of our Heavenly Father and express our thankfulness. Let’s draw inspiration from Psalm 95:2 and explore its significance.

“Let us come before him with thanksgiving” invites us to approach God with hearts full of gratitude. This Christmas, let’s not only celebrate with gifts and parties but also with a true appreciation for the greatest gift ever given—Jesus Christ. 

As we come before Him in prayer, may our hearts be filled with awe and thanksgiving for the Savior born in a manger.

What is your favourite holiday psalm?

“Extol him with music and song” encourages us to celebrate the season with joyous praise. Just as the angels proclaimed the good news with songs of praise on that first Christmas night, let our hearts join in the melody of worship.

Amid the festivities, may our songs of gratitude resonate with the joy that comes from knowing the One who is the reason for the season.

This Christmas and end-of-year holiday, “give thanks to him” for the moments of laughter, the lessons learned, and the challenges overcome. Reflect on the faithfulness of God throughout the year, acknowledging His presence in every season of life.

As you gather with your loved ones during the holiday season, let’s create an atmosphere of thankfulness that goes beyond the festive celebrations. Take time to recognize the importance of Jesus, our Emmanuel – God with us, by praising His name. Let the name of Jesus be the focal point of our celebrations, and may His love and grace permeate every aspect of our holiday season.

Let’s strive to reflect His light and love in our lives, not just during Christmas but as we transition into a new year. As we conclude this year and celebrate this holiday, let’s tune our hearts to the melody of gratitude. Let’s take a moment to express our appreciation for the journey, trusting that the God who has been faithful will continue to lead and guide us into the coming year.